Home Care All Over The World [Infographic]

To optimise the home healthcare system, it’s definitely imperative to allow elders to access their healthcare services from their own homes.

The internet makes it quicker and easier to allow elders to communicate with their healthcare providers and get reminders about their checkups.

Meanwhile, our governments are turning a blind eye with our elders’ needs. About 48% of elders do not get any assistance for their physical limitations.

There’s more that needs to be done for our elders. Check this infographic and see for yourself.

Why I Chose Home Care for My Mother

urlMy mother is not the youngest of spirits. She is currently 72 years old. Not too old. Not too young. She suffers from a sore hip. Nothing too bad, but it can be a small nuisance in her day to day life. Last year, my father past away. RIP Dad. He was a great man and with my Mum for nearly 47 years. A long time in anyones book.

At that time myself and my family had a decision. Would we leave my mum as she was? Hire the local home care corby company to assist her? Or try the local residential care home? It was a tough decision.

My wife and my older child thought it through with me. We added up the options. Tried to list the benefits of each one, tally them up. Tallying up the negatives. Eventually, after sleeping on it for a while. We collaboratively came to the decision to try the home care agency.

(Now we know it was the right decision!)

Here is what made up our mind and why it remained to be a good decision after all.

The agency provide a home care daventry service where they provide regular assistance visits to the elderly without making them feel incapable of doing tasks themselves. It’s simply an extra pair of hands to assist them with their day to day activities.

For my mother, she has help with:

  • Preparing meals
  • General household chores
  • Going out to places such as the hairdressers
  • Buying in shopping for the house
  • and anything else that may come up during her care visits

It is a wonderful service and has allowed her to live at home feeling great about herself. Which is completely deserved after being a wonderful wife and mother for so many years.

From my Mum’s point of view, the biggest benefit is she retains her independence. She does admit she would be lost without the extra assistance now and it is exactly what she needed. I am thankful we did not take her responsibility for herself and the independence that comes with that away from her.

So I ask you. Have you chosen a type of senior care for your parents? What did you choose? If not, have you thought about what you will do when it comes down to it?

Residential Care vs Domiciliary Care: Best Option for Dementia Sufferers

It is a very difficult decision to choose what is the best care option for your parents or family that suffer from dementia. Part of you and most likely at the beginning you may wish to take on the responsibility yourself, but you must remember it isn’t so simple. If you have a career; children; or really any other activities you enjoy occupying your time with, you will struggle.

Now at the beginning it is fairly easy. The care is easy and infrequent. Just make a habit of regularly visiting them and it will be fine. But it doesn’t stay like that forever and at some point you will probably find it easier to get professional care.

The big debate is though, should you get a domiciliary carer or use a residential care home? (more…)

5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Care Worker

domiciliary careThe elderly population is increasing as well as their needs. Many elderly people are getting diagnosed with Alzheimer’s earlier than before, not to mention special children that need special, skilled and professional attention. As such, there is also an increased need for care workers to care for these individuals with special needs. Aside from this increasing demand for care workers, there are also a number of reasons why you should consider being a care worker yourself. They are:

Your skill in establishing rapport gets honed when taking care of individuals with special needs. Once you’ve decided to become a peterborough home care worker, you will be exposed to a number of individuals, with different age groups and different levels of needs. Such that each individual is unique, you will need to approach these individuals differently. Some may be easy to talk to, some may be responsive while some may not even talk to you. However, as time goes by, you will be facing different types of people from different walks of life – which provide you the right opportunity to develop your communication skills.

You will feel more fulfilled after a day’s work. When you care for people with special needs, you are challenged to bring out your best. You will be tested in terms of patience, endurance and understanding. When you are passionate about your work and genuinely care for your patient, at the end of the day you will feel a sense of fulfillment. Why not? You are making a difference in the lives of these people every day – that alone is enough to make you feel that you’ve helped the life of an ill or aged person easier.

Widen your horizon in terms of professional care work. With each patient that you meet, you also meet the people that support these patients. These may be their brother, sister, parents or children. These people are in their own way professionals in their chosen career. Without meaning to, you get to interact with these people, get to know their lifestyle, their ways at home (especially if you were hired as a home care worker) as well as the involvement of these people in their work. Who knows, you may need to tap on these people to help you soon in advancing your professional career, right?

You get to choose your schedule. Most of the time, care workers can choose the schedule that is convenient to them. This is because most care workers are also involved in caring for other people outside the agency or aside from the patient they already have. After an eight hour shift with one client, they go to the next. As such, care workers are given the choice on schedules that will work best for them.

You have many opportunities for work. Try to visit an Indeed jobs site and you will see that there is an increased demand in the line of professional care work. This is because the ratio of care workers to the elderly is insufficient – not to include the children with special needs. As such, there will be an ever growing demand for this profession for a long time.

The Normal Aging Process

senescenceAre you afraid to get old? Who would not be? There are many changes that the body goes through as you grow old. However, it is inevitable. This is where all life forms undergo after a certain period of time. Ever wonder about the normal and expected changes in the body of an aging individual? Here are some of them:

Bones. As you age, the balance between bone formation and bone absorption changes. It slows down, such that mineral lost from the bone is not quickly replaced as it should. As such, bone density is lost, making the bone brittle. This is the reason why homecare oundle by bluebird is concerned when the elderly complains of slipping or falling. A broken hip bone is one of the most common reasons why the elderly gets confined to bed early in the senescence stage of life.

Muscles. Muscle fibers start to shrink as people grow older. Replacement of the muscle fiber becomes slower. As such, the muscles lose their tone and become rigid that strength is reduced. If the individual can lift heavy objects during his younger days, it is not possible anymore as the muscles lose their contractility.

Metabolism. The digestive system may not function as efficiently as before. This is the reason why most elderly people eat less than before. They do not feel hungry because the digestive system is slow in its function of digesting food. The colon may not be as effective in forming stools that it may be common to encounter constipation problems with the elderly.

Eyesight. You may notice that the elderly have decreased eyesight. The muscle fibers in the eyes lose their elasticity, while the retina thins and the lens of the eye loses its transparency. You may also notice that there are elderly that have eyes that are too watery or too dry. This is part of the normal aging process. Some may even experience development of cataracts that may hinder walking and moving about inside the house.

Hearing. As mentioned above, muscle fibers lose their elasticity. This is also true with the ears. Internal structures in the ear are also changing that it may be difficult for an adult to hear a conversation with a loud background noise. They may even have problems with trying to balance themselves if there are other existing problems with the ear.

Brain. There may be memory lapses because of the aging nerves and neurons in the brain. The individual may have a hard time remembering an event that happened a long time ago as well as difficulty in remembering a person’s name that he or she does not see every day. Forgetting where she left things is part of the normal aging process. Perhaps you’ve experienced your mom asking for her reading glasses, which is she slipped above her head.

The aging process is a complex and inevitable stage in life of every individual. This process can be further aggravated by existing health conditions that may warrant the need for home care. As such, it would be advisable to seek assistance from varied elderly care providers through browsing varied Bluebird Care website or visiting appropriate home care facilities in your locality.

Essential Caregiver Traits in Caring for Dementia Patients

Dementia CareCaring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease can be quite challenging. The steady and consistent change that the dementia patient undergoes is neither manageable nor curable. The degenerative process of the brain just cannot be contained. As such, essential traits of caregiver should be stable and consistent. In fact, the trait that the caregiver should have arises from the basic understanding of the disease process. When the caregiver understands the disease process, only then will he or she be able to manifest the essential skills and values needed in effectively caring for the dementia patient. Here are the following values you should look and find in caregivers at St Johns Wood care agency:

The ability to emphatize. As mentioned earlier, empathy is developed when the caregiver understands that it is frustrating for the dementia patient to recall what he or she is about to say. The ability to put one’s self in the shoes of the patient is to understand how it feels to have the condition. It is being able to understand the behaviors that the patient manifest as something that he or she has no control of and should not be blamed.

Patience. Not all people who are in the care giving industry are capable of exhibiting patience. Some may exhibit patience when being observed but behave otherwise when no one is around. Being patient is not about waiting patiently when the dementia patient can stand or abide to instructions. Patience is exhibited through efficient communication and skillful handling of any given situations relating to the care of the dementia patient. When looking for bluebird care in london, look for someone who is passionate about his work and is mindful of the needs of others.

Reliable. A caregiver that is reliable arrives on time and usually extends her time whenever necessary in order to ensure that her ward is being seen to by the next person assigned. Reliability comes from the value of being responsible for the tasks assigned to her. When an individual values responsibility, he automatically exhibits reliance in everything he does. Being responsible is synonymous with the caregiver’s accountability with the care plan of the dementia patient. Full understanding of the responsibility expected from him means being accountable for the tasks assigned to him.

Flexibility. This trait should come hand in hand with reliability. A caregiver that is reliable should be adaptable to any given situation. He should not expect the same level of understanding with the previous patient he has simply because he understands that each case is unique.

Endurance and Consistency. For families who have experienced a number of transitions from one caregiver to the next, this may be one of the difficult trait to find. After some time, an individual may feel burnt out especially if he attends to a series of dementia patients in a day. A person’s endurance and consistency in providing care should be carefully evaluated by the immediate supervisor. A realistic projection and implementation should ensue as to how many patients a caregiver should attend to in a day without draining so much of the caregiver’s strength.

Checklist Guide in Getting A Home Care Provider

Elderly Home CareWhen you’ve already reached the decision of getting a home care provider for your oldies, it’s time to look into the important elements in getting a home care provider. The following guidelines do not mean to set a standard in getting your care provider, but serves as a guide and merely a checklist of the desirable qualities of a good home care provider.

Reputation and Background. When getting a trusted care provider, you should not rely from friends’ or neighbors’ recommendations alone. Most of the time, a proven track record and award giving bodies decorate the halls and offices of the home care providers. These are not merely printed and framed awards and recognitions but something that you can very well verify and check reliable sources.

Sufficient Information and Online Presence. A reputable care provider usually has the means to maintain their official website where you can always check products and services offered. There should be no discrepancy on the photos, services and products that were visible on their website from that of the information you get straight from their mouths and leaflets.

No Known Issues like Employee-Employer Disputes. In order for companies to run well, there should be an organized, profitable and productive employee-employer relationship. This will be evident on how the employees or staff relate to families and patients, like that of the bluebird live in care peterborough.

Includes the Family and the Patient in Planning and Developing Care Plan. Like what nurses and doctors in a hospital, the staff should include the family as well as the patient in mapping the plan of care. This is applicable whether the patient or family prefers a Bluebird home care peterborough or have their olds check in as a resident.

Adequate, Confidential and Proper Documentation. Like the hospital, a home care facility provides care relative to the patient’s health and mental status. In the same essence, medications may be prescribed as well as therapies. This should be properly and timely documented not just for consultation purposes, but for legal reasons as well.

Sufficient Manpower and Line of Authority. Should you prefer a private home care provider, the caregiver assigned to you should be supervised and monitored by a supervisor. This is only possible if the home care institution house a complete number of staff relative to the number of patients both in and outside the facility.

Emergency Plans. As you visit the home care facility, they are required to subscribe to a set of standard of safety and disaster preparedness. The same training should also be extended with staff that are usually assigned to different families outside the facility.

Professional Conduct. The manner in which employees and staff relate and transact with you in securing home care for your parents will basically provide you a clue as to the type of people you are dealing with. If the employees are downright rude and haphazard in closing business transactions with you, then by all means, walk out of the door and find yourself a good home care provider.

Useful Tips for Caring for Seniors

Came across a great little video about caring for seniors. Mostly aimed at those of you with parents or family in need of health care.

Take a look at the video:

Great points raised in the video, I very much recommend watching it.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.