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Classically trained with the masters of homeopathy, progressive in outlook offering the latest techniques. Proven treatments for the whole family. Mr. Marar uses a range of traditional homeopathic treatments complemented by Allergy desensitisation, herbal and nutritional De-Tox, bioresonance treatments, children’s and skin clinics.


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Natural medicine for the 21st Century, safe and effective in treating illness and optimising your physical and mental health. Non toxic and safe for all ages. During his career, Mr. Marar has treated many people with a many different problems. Find out more from his many satisfied clients and patients.

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Great experience in his field, and the health of his patients being the first priority. Mr Marar will advise you if he can help you or which treatment model is the most suitable for you and your condition. Your first 20 minute assessment is free ! Try it out Find out more about homeopathy and natural health care by accessing my frequently asked questions section. Or if you cannot find the answer feel free to contact Mr. Marar through his discussion forum or call.

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Need some advice on an illness or injury ? Visit the First Aid Self Help Guide for advice and support on using Homeopathy for first aid. Do you know someone suffering with an allergy ? Mr. Marar can help you – with advice and support through his allergy clinic.

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